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Small Shiva Lingam Stone - Crystal - Cosmic Corner Savannah
Small Shiva Lingam Stone - Crystal - Cosmic Corner Savannah
Small Shiva Lingam Stone - Crystal - Cosmic Corner Savannah

Shiva Lingam Stone

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This listing is for one (1) Shiva Lingam.

Small is around .75" long

This stone is called a Shiva Lingam and comes only from the Narmada River in Western India. It is a very holy stone and represents a unifying of male and female energies. It also promotes health and vitality, a good over-all positive energy stone to have with you or on your altar!

All stones are charged with positive energy and come wrapped with cleansing sage to protect them from negative energies while traveling.

Crystal Beginners Guide

Welcome to the wide world of stones! The Earth has gifted us with these gorgeous and powerful minerals, here are some tips to help you and your stone have a great relationship.

We pack your stone with sage to keep it safe and happy, but we recommend you cleanse your stone upon receiving it, too! An easy way to do this is to set them out on a moonlit night (make sure they will stay safe and dry, they can be in a window) and allow the moon to cleanse your stone as you sleep.

There are many ways to charge a stone, one of our favorites is to put it atop a piece of paper (we recommend our Homemade Saged Paper for ultra cleansing power!) and write out a few words you?d like to charge into your stone. For example, you could write ?Love, Joy, Peace, Understanding? on a page with rose quartz. Then place your stone in the center of the page and draw arrows from the word to the stone. Leave it for 24 hours or let it charge in the moonlight!

Unless otherwise stated, please do not get your stone wet. Some stones react with water or other chemicals and unless you know your stone is safe in water it?s best not to test it. If you?d like to know which stones are safe to put in water, check out our Crystal Tonics sets!

Many stones will be fine in sunlight but deeply colored stones, particularly amethyst, can lose their brilliant colors if you leave them in the sun, this is why we recommend cleaning and charging with moonlight. Also, while some stones are super hard, many are very soft or fragile. Be gentle with your stones and treat them with care so they don?t crumble or break!