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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit
Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

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Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky. This time period is associated with increased miscommunication, errors, and challenges. 

This kit is put together by hand by a local witch and is perfect for getting through this challenging time! 

This spell kit contains...

  • dressed and charged blue chime candle. Blue connects to the throat chakra so it helps with communication.
  • a small vial of black witches salt for protection
  • a small silver pentacle charm
  • A protective herb blend containing white sage, lavender, and more
  • A full moon charged black amethyst for peace, tranquility, and grounding.
  • A full moon charged sodalite for communication

To use: Burn the herbs and candle in a fireproof dish together. When the candle is finished, put everything back in the back along with the charm, crystals, and salt. Seal the bag and carry it with you during Mercury Retrograde. You may also place the bag under your bed, above your front door, or on an altar.